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I may become strong and rise above a ‘like’ and a ‘comment’,

Absence of others’ approval never leaving me in torment.


Not getting swayed by other’s views, their power and pelf,

Open to accepting only constructive criticism, working on myself.


Wise enough to know the limitations of what I think I know,

Always giving the more knowledgeable a courteous bow.


To be able to love the one whom I consider my opponent,

On equanimity, rationality and fairness I may wax eloquent.


Accepting my station in life, being confident but humble,

Never falling prey to a ‘You-are-OK-I-am-not-OK’ jumble.


As tender as a coconut tree, flexible yet strong,

Bowing to mighty cyclones, never falling along.


Being aware that I have to walk alone on this path of life,

Help from others alone enabling me to overcome strife.


Brilliant at illuminating other’s strong points, learning from them,

Helping to polish their qualities, making them a sparkling gem.


Never afraid to ask questions, keeping my ear to the ground,

Adapting to change, leading by example all those around.


Doubtful enough to realize the soft power of faith under a hardened dogmatic crust,

Courageous enough to share my reality with those in whom I can place my trust.

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The care that organizations bestow on managing money is generally much better than what they bestow on their people. Identifying, nurturing and constructively exploiting the talent and innate strengths of their people imparts a great competitive advantage to organizations. The competency of an organization to create a steady stream of in-house leaders determines its strategic success in the market place.

Successful organizations have this trait in common – a culture of observing, judging and unleashing talent.


For cross-functional tasks to be carried out, build teams with due care. Let your team have like-minded people as well as a minority of likely dissidents who will ensure the team does not go off track.


There are bosses who epitomize terror at the work place. Insulting and demeaning you is second nature to them. They would set impossible targets; as long as the task is in your hands, it would be top priority; once it reaches their own desk, you may not hear of it for the next two years. Some of them have agricultural inclinations – a suggestion made by you would get rejected with much fanfare, in full public view; after six months, it would become their idea and get marketed to the top brass.

Fight or flight? If you are sure of your ground and stand up to them once in a while, heavens will not fall. You could end up dealing with a less aggressive boss in the days to follow. The flight option gets linked to the status of the industry as well as your own USP.

When forced to continue under such a boss, bide your time and hope for a better planetary configuration in the days to come. Or, quietly work through the grapevine to have alternate relationships and collaborations within the company, so the immediate boss’ sins get exposed to others who might be able to do something about it.


Use it as frequently as you can. Use it genuinely, only when you mean it.


There would always be disruptions, leaving you frustrated with only truncated time at hand. Report for work early and enjoy a quiet time to plan your affairs for the day. Spend the last fifteen minutes of the day to outline the plan for the next day before leaving office. And yes, keep some time to spare for a friendly cup of coffee with a colleague – informal, no agenda – and see how new ideas take shape!


There is a strong positive correlation between trust, loyalty, engagement and ownership of targets agreed to be met by people. Ignore building up of trust and you scuttle the chances of getting things done.

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