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Not everyone can withstand the pressure of stardom and a celebrity status with equipoise. Here is a post which brings out the negative side of being in the arc lights of society.

My Views On Bollywood

By Sharada Iyer

Indeed, the strains and pressures of being in showbiz are best understood only by those deeply immersed in it. Being public figures in the world of glamour does not mean their personal lives are perfect. They have their own share of weaknesses and handling the pressures of public scrutiny and heart-breaks can take its toll…

Recently when Deepika Padukone went public with her own struggles and battle with depression, it sent a shock wave in the industry as well as among her countless fans. It was difficult to imagine how such a beautiful actress with all top banners, endorsements, plum roles, hit films and numerous awards have depressing thoughts!!!

If we look back, the 100-year history of this great industry is dotted with tragic deaths of many artistes who after tasting enormous success became victims of depression and sorrow and turned to alcohol or drugs for succour…

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