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For cross-functional tasks to be carried out, build teams with due care. Let your team have like-minded people as well as a minority of likely dissidents who will ensure the team does not go off track.

Hunters have practised this art since the beginning of our civilization.

(Excerpt from my book ‘Surviving in the Corporate Jungle’, the English version of which was released recently. The Portuguese version of the excerpt follows.)



Para que as tarefas multifuncionais possam ser realizadas, deverá constituir as equipas com todo o cuidado. Assegure que na sua equipa há pessoas que pensam da mesma forma, mas também alguns tendencionais dissidentes que irão garantir que a equipa se mantém no bom caminho.

Os caçadores praticam esta arte desde o início da nossa civilização.

(This is how you can lay your hands on the Portuguese version of the book, launched in Portugal during March, 2016.)



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