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SoulCarriedtoHeavenI am left wondering……

From which plane of existence do the new souls join us?

How do they select our children as their parents?

Do they descend from the ethereal worlds beyond

And provide us a glimpse back into the sheer joy of childhood?

With sharp and clear eyes denoting strong and resolute souls

Unalloyed, pure, simple thinking minds,

Yet to be corrupted by influences

Of what we believe is the civilized world!

Blessed with bodies the flexibility of which

Leaves us a wee bit dumbfounded!

Easily persuaded to shift attention to other objects of fancy

Each fancy having a short time span of but a few minutes;

Eager to learn more and more,

Persistent in demanding fulfillment of basic needs,

Crying for immediate attention,

Teaching us about getting things done with an obliging cute smile,

Or regaling us with gestures which are hard to forget!

In the future lie their myriad challenges

Of new technologies and methods

Of living, behaving and conducting oneself;

Carrying on their slender shoulders

The unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of their earlier generations

Working in a universe full of uncertainty

On a planet which is forever shrinking in time, space and resources.

May the Divine bestow upon them

All the mental and physical dexterity

Required to cope with challenges of environment and circumstances

During this life span of theirs;

And infinite bliss and solitude

When they reunite with the Divine!

(Image ‘Soul Being Carried to Heaven’ courtesy Wikipedia)

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