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Oh, what a change I have witnessed in these seventy-one years,

Wars, acts of terror and news of genocides has reached my ears.


Sure enough, I miss fountain pens, LP records and telegrams,

Not to forget a cell-and-internet-free peaceful life, noisy cars and trams.


I have witnessed a man landing on the moon, a space mission to Mars,

Our country gaining independence, gaining control of the land we call ours.


I have contributed to building the nation in my own little way,

Drawing power channels which feed water to the fields with grains and hay.


I have seen shrinking TV sets and shorter global hauls,

Several generations passing by, sprouting glitzy malls and highway tolls.


Time sits lightly on my mind, has certainly made me smart and wise,

You can still lean on my strong shoulders, despite challenges that arise.


I continue to be young at heart, in me some inspiration you can find,

As always, my advice is practical, objective, frank and kind.


All of you are born in our humble and common family,

So you need not take this as an old man’s homily.


As you grow, the world will try and define boundaries on you,

Soar above these you must, sticking to your own convictions and view.


Boys, treat all the women you come across with the respect they deserve,

Once home, let go of your trousers and wear skirts once in a while and serve.


Girls, don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgement, make your own track,

Use your own wisdom, balance your duties, break the glass ceilings that hold you back.


You are the only one who will face the consequences of your actions,

Be bold, be wise, follow the path of righteousness, never become part of sinister factions.


The family has evolved from religion to spirituality, given you rich values to live by,

Carry forward this legacy, let your material and spiritual growth touch the sky.


A day may come when you may get to live on a comet or on the Mars or the Moon,

Values and Dharma shall always support you, come a dark night or a blistering noon.

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Ode to Old Age

Here is an interesting composition on old age from Mr Subbarayan Subbaraman, who has kindly agreed for it to be posted here.

Just a line to say I’m living

That I’m not among the dead

Though I’m getting more forgetul

And all mixed up in my head.

I got used to my arthritis

To my dentures I’m resigned

I can manage my bifocals

But, dear God, I miss my mind!


For sometimes I can’t remember

When I stand at the foot of the stairs

If I must go up for something

Or have I just come down from there?

And before the fridge so often

My poor mind is filled with doubt

Have I put some food away

Or have I come to take something out?


And there’s a time, when it is dark

I stop and hold my head

I don’t know if I’m retiring

Or am I getting out of bed?

So, if it is my turn to write to you

There’s no need of getting sore,

I may think that I have written

And don’t want to be a bore,

So, remember that I love you

and wish that you were near

But now it’s nearly mail time

So must say ‘goodbye, dear’.


Here I stand before the mail box

With a face so very red

Instead of mailing you my letter

I went and opened it, instead!

{This poem has been quoted by Mr. M.V. Kamath in his book , ‘A reporter at large’ (pages 753-54)}

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