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Being a Yes-man is a risky proposition. When you do not agree with what the boss has to say, find a way to register your dissent and disagreement, if any. You will be helping your boss in making better decisions, and would be much valued as an effective team member. The higher you are in the pecking order, the higher the responsibility you carry on your shoulders – that of registering dissent.


CEOs and top honchos should retire themselves every five to six years. This would ensure some sanity in the operations of the company. As to lesser mortals, there is no point in their clinging to the seats of power till ill-health (or worse, death) comes knocking on the door.

Life is much bigger and brighter than work. The many shades of life which remain to be explored after retirement include simple joys – spending exclusive time with one’s spouse, putting life in the reverse gear by playing with grandchildren, taking up hobbies neglected for years and fulfilling other desires which had merely remained benign intentions all those years.


Keep them strictly off-campus. Avoid getting involved with a person from the same office – it would save you the hassle of discussing office politics while having a candle-lit romantic dinner on the terrace of a beach side restaurant on a full moon night.

Hormones can easily override hierarchy, leading to complications on the job. Love blossoming within the confines of office space can also turn into litigation and expensive lawsuits. Amorous advances towards a colleague or subordinate are best avoided.

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