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How have our dream merchants handled the issue of organ donation? Have they done justice to the emotions of the donor as well as the recipients? Has this aspect of our lives received due attention on the silver screen?

Here are some Bollywood movies which readily spring to one’s mind in this context.


Movie Anuraag(1972; Director Shakti Samanta)

A blind sculptor receives the eyes of a young boy suffering from terminal cancer. For the first time in her life, she is able to see.

Dard ka Rishta

Movie Dard_Ka_Rishta(1982; Director Sunil Dutt)

A young girl gets diagnosed with leukemia. To cure her cancer, she must have a bone marrow transplant from a donor with matching blood group and genes. A foster-brother is found to have a perfect match and he donates the marrow, thereby saving her life.


Movie Saaheb_poster(1985; Director Anil Ganguly)

Saaheb is the black sheep of the family – unemployed & uneducated. He is only interested in playing football. When the family needs funds to get his sister married, he donates a kidney of his to raise the money.

The Ship of Theseus

Movie Ship_of_Theseus(2013; Anand Gandhi)

The movie has three sub-plots. A visually impaired and celebrated Egyptian photographer undergoes a cornea transplant but has trouble adjusting to her newfound sense of sight and is dissatisfied with her resulting photography. An erudite monk is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis but continues to be reluctant towards medication. A young Indian stockbroker receives a new kidney. He learns of a case of organ theft involving a poor bricklayer, and tries to get him either a large financial settlement or both his kidneys back.

Of course, the above list does not include plain blood donation or transfusion. Many movies strike an emotional chord, with estranged sons or relatives donating their blood either to a yet-to-be-discovered mother or to someone from their arch enemy’s camp.

Unless one has missed out on many others, one finds very few movies which have touched upon the critical issue of organ donation. Given the persuasive powers of cinema, this is a pity indeed.

We live in an era when socially and politically relevant messages get couched in a commercial wrapper, embellished with a dash of humour and served piping hot to the audience. Movies like Chak de! India, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Drishyam – to mention only a few – show us that innovation in script writing is never in short supply.

One hopes that imaginative directors, producers and script writers would recognize the urgent need for promoting organ donation and come up with more movies which touch upon this vital subject.

(Published on the occasion of Organ Donation Day; Inputs from Sanjana are gratefully acknowledged)

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