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In our lives, UBS played the role of a dynamic and bustling airport,
From which we soared in lifeĀ“s azure skies, enjoying our flights of high
Some took to exploring various corners of our Mother Earth,
Of CEOs, diplomats, businessmen and bankers amongst us there is no dearth.

While in UBS’ hallowed portals, we enjoyed bunking classes,
The brainy ones worked on assignments which were copied by the masses;
Cornering important books from the Central Library was a critical vocation,
For poking fun at our faculty, Student Centre was the prime location.

OB theories and riddles of Sales Forecasting kept us on our toes,
Figuring out Quantitative Techniques made us feel abysmal lows;
Twiddling our thumbs to read between the lines of a Balance Sheet,
Devouring the works of Philip Kotler was much up our street.

Weekend treks to Kasauli and Morni Hills were favourite gigs,
Midnight gorging on the greasy omelettes at PGI gate like pigs;
Catching up with first day first show of Bollywood flicks was the norm,
Securing high Class Participation marks invariably kept us in form.

(UBS stands for University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India, from where your truly completed his MBA in 1976. This composition has also been shared on the Facebook page of UBS. It has also been featured at https://universitybusinessschool.wordpress.com/2020/07/05/my-pride-my-ubs).

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