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Amongst the kinds of CEOs we have reviewed so far elsewhere, this kind happens to belong to a very rare species in the private sector. However, many public sector outfits, government departments and political outfits owing allegiance to some outdated doctrines could boast of a significant number of CEOs of this genre.

Concern for Output or for results is not their priority. Concern for People is their primary concern. Concern for Ethics is also uppermost in their minds. In terms of an upgraded Blake Mouton Grid, they rank at 1,9,9.X Y Z upgraded

Trade unions of all hues simply love them. Managements dread and despise them. To face an ardent believer who pounds his fists onto teak wood tables of conference rooms and demands strict compliance with labour and industrial laws of all kinds is a prospect which owners bestowed with nerves of chilled steel wish to avoid.

Those who happen to have an uncompromising attitude could willy-nilly end up damaging the very cause they wish to champion. Their vision about welfare of people is always myopic.

Few enlightened ones amongst this tribe care about norms of welfare in a more pragmatic fashion. They understand the need to move along with the times and have a healthy regard for the norms of productivity as well. They collaborate with managements in adopting newer technologies. They hammer out detailed re-skilling plans so their people can embrace change for the overall good of the organization.

Managements which are conscious of the disruptive change being brought about by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics could use such CEOs with great alacrity. Their utility lies in their pro-people attitude and their incorruptibility.

Note: Inputs from Ms Somali K Chakrabarti are gratefully acknowledged. She can be found at Scribble and Scrawl (https://prepforum.wordpress.com)

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