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When it comes to scenes of physical intimacy, Bollywood seldom disappoints. Most of the offerings from our dream merchants use these as an essential ingredient to ensure success at the box office.

Here is yet another thought-provoking post from Sharada Iyer.

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My Views On Bollywood


Sharada Iyer

There has been so much brouhaha in the past few days over the censored kiss in the latest James Bond film Spectre, which released on Friday, 20th November 2015. While many people have criticized the Censor Board Chief Mr Pahlaj Nihalani calling him a ‘sanskari’ Chief, there are others who endorse his views and stand by the decision.

But the debate reached ridiculous proportion and assumed unnecessary importance when Mr Arnab Goswami of Times Now channel decided to devote one whole hour of his show , trying to corner Mr Nihalani asking him repeatedly throughout the interview as to why was the kissing scene between Daniel Craig and Monica Belluci watered down to a mere few seconds…Honestly was it such a big issue to discuss on prime time television?

The censor board chief remained unperturbed by all the accusations hurled at him and…

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