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Dear Amitabh ji,

I often wonder as to how you are able to handle yourself so well despite a continuous barrage of praise getting heaped on you from all sides. How do you keep your mental balance and equipoise in the face of unprecedented love and adulation being received by you at all times?

You conduct and carry yourself so well on KBC. When you suddenly have a winner of a “Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot” award gushing all over you on phone, it is a treat to see your muted and calibrated response! The innumerable gifts and poems being presented to you by those making it to the “hot seat” of this game show do seem to move you but only for a few fleeting moments. You recover very quickly and get back to the job on hand, just like a true professional and gentleman that you indeed are!

You are ten years senior to me. I have had the pleasure of watching you enter Bollywood with “Saat Hindustani”. The way you have re-invented yourself in each of the subsequent decades is something to be learnt from you. Your career and that unique baritone voice is so well documented that I do not wish to bore you by repeating it here.

Some time back, a friend of mine gave me the entire set of four books comprising the biography of your illustrious father. Some parts were very touching – like the one which describes the first meeting between your parents, and the one where Khwaja Ahmed Abbas writes to your father, seeking his consent to offer you a role!

I also found the biography very instructive. It led me to a better understanding of the excellent family background that you have. Sure enough, your grooming has resulted into the calm and mature manner in which you conduct yourself. Your parents have set a fine example for all parents, bringing you up the way they had.

However, other than your excellent grooming, there is apparently something more to your unique quality of not allowing the abundant praise received by you to go to your head. A lesser mortal in your place would have surely become excessively swollen headed by now, leading to his own downfall. The younger actors of today need to learn this from you.

Can you please take some time off your busy schedule and answer this query? How did you develop this trait?

Warm regards,

Ashok Bhatia

Pondicherry, India

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