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Pressure is an external stimulus. Stress is what we experience. The level of stress we experience therefore is directly proportional to the pressure weSTRESS receive. The good news is that stress is inversely proportional to our inner strength and resilience.

Since each individual is uniquely configured, the response of each person to the same level of Pressure would be different. Some would take it lightly and focus on the action at hand, thereby improving their chances of a better and quicker delivery of results. Others would take it seriously, and jeopardize their own achievements and career. Those who are ever-anxious and have an ‘A’ type personality would invariably experience more stress than those who are the happy-go-lucky ‘B’ types.

Stress experienced by a professional is also a function of time. The psychological condition varies with time and also plays a role.

Distress can be handled positively. Art of creative dissatisfaction, loosening up and letting go, a dash of humor and meditation can help.  (You may read more about this in a blog entitled ‘Handling Hurricane Stress’, published on Feb 1, 2013.)

A little bit of stress is good for a professional’s health and output. Thanks to Richard Lazarus and Hans Selye, we understand the distinction between ‘eustress’ and ‘distress’!


Smart companies would have a talent pool which enables them to keep refreshing the senior levels at all times. If one senior gets promoted, they are prepared for two other seniors quitting. If one senior gets poached by a competitor, there are two to choose from internally.


John Elkington has coined the term “triple bottom line”, based on people, planet and profits. Corporates which offer products and services based on this premise will surely sustain their businesses longer.

Jochen Zeitz, Director of Kering and Chairman of its board’s Sustainable Development Committee is also a Co-Chair of The B Team. He has worked on the first-ever environmental profit and loss (EP&L) for Puma. (You may read about Team B in a blog entitled ‘Plan B for Business’, published on June 27, 2013). 

Bill Ford Junior wants Ford Motor to evolve from a car maker to a “mobility company”. It is working with stakeholders to offer a spectrum of transportation solutions – walking, cycling, buses, metro rails and waterways.

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