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I started blogging about two years back.  I am grateful to my family for having enabled me to indulge myself in one of my favorite activities – writing. Close friends continue to enthuse me in this adventure. This one happens to be my 100th blog post. On this occasion, I am tempted to share with you some of my observations about the art and science of blogging!

I have come to believe that if we write a blog from our heart, based on our inner convictions, our own knowledge of things, places, events and people, and our personal experiences, we have a winning situation at hand. I do not think there is much merit in creating a ‘cut-n-paste’ blog post. Success lies in writing about something which concerns people across diverse continents and cultures. A fresh perspective helps.

Ideas Popping Up, Words Streaming In

There is an inherent charm in composing a piece. There are ideas floating about in the environment. Like a radio receiver, I suddenly get tuned to one and – plop – there it drops into my mind. I churn it over in my mind. Nurture it. Sleep over it. Let it develop a wee bit. Read up more on the subject. The idea starts taking a tangible shape. My grey cells start working feverishly. I can not sleep till the time the idea manifests itself in words. With mind chugging along on all six cylinders, I start hammering out at the key board. There are times when words come in a torrent, and it is not easy to match the pace with my hands.

After the initial intellectual ejaculation gets over, I read it all over again. Improve upon it here and there. While doing something else VitruvianManaltogether, I suddenly discover a new angle to the whole subject. I rush back. Read a little bit more. Make improvements. Again sleep over it. Read it with a fresh perspective the next morning. Improve further. Leave it to let it simmer for some more time. Come back and – bingo! It sounds just right. I am happy with how I have expressed myself. I ‘publish’ it!

I do not do this for money. I do it because I cannot help but write. It appears that I am always surrounded by words, phrases and aphorisms which help me to express myself. I derive immense inner joy in doing it. There is a form of creativity within me. I feel I am merely a medium to express a mini-micro-segment of the thoughts floating around us in the environment. Yes, I do it responsibly. I write without malice to anyone. My endeavor is merely to amuse, entertain and (if possible) enlighten my limited audience.

Yes, I do seek success, appreciation and some recognition, though not as an aggressive participant in a rat race. A thoughtful comment once in a while does cheer me up. And the joy of knowing the global reach of my thoughts. Connecting with people from diverse cultures and ethnic groups also bucks me up no end.

Utopia and Reality

Those of my close friends who are still tied down to a 9-to-9 routine perhaps imagine the life of an armchair blogger to be a highly disciplined and placid one.

Up in the morning bright and early. The first bed tea. The newspaper. The second bed tea. The shave. The bath. The fruit juice. The eggs. The oats. The coffee. The garden chair lounge. The dreamy reverie. The new idea popping up while looking at the birds and bees going about their daily chores. The dash to the laptop. The first draft of the new blog post. The mid-morning tea. The walk on the terrace. The first revised draft. The lunch. The afternoon siesta. The second revised draft. The late afternoon tea. The sudden ‘a-ha’ moment. The Google search for related information. The third revised draft. The spell-check. The reading through. The tinkering with phrases and passages. The early evening tea. The pottering about in the garden. The daily dose of brisk walk. The chat with kids. The shower. The change into something loose. The family get together. The dinner. The dishes. The final proof reading. The checking of likes, comments, visits and views for the day. The uploading. The rest and repose of late evening. The locking up of the humble abode for the night. The bed.

Well, nothing could be more misleading. The raw excitements and distractions of life often leave me wondering as to what the next moment might bring!

Just when the flow of thoughts is gathering momentum, the better half suddenly popping up to ask where in the house she has kept and 'The Thinker' : Rodinforgotten her spectacle frames. The milk delivery person passing by, hoping to discuss the local neighborhood gossip. The newspaper delivery person arriving to settle his account for the past month. The call from distant relatives informing the dates of their impending visit. The neighbor passing by to share remorse at the declining economy of the country, the accumulated garbage in the locality and the pathetic quality of movies one is forced to ‘enjoy’ these days.

The sudden power failure precipitating a crisis of sorts. The narrow-band – euphemistically referred to as the broad-band in my part of the planet – going on the blink. The sudden summons from the better half as to the declining stock of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. The dash to the market so as to ensure availability of nourishment to keep the body and soul together. The invitation from a management institution to deliver a guest lecture. The preparation. The drive to a clinic for a health check-up for the spouse. The visit to the NGO for a spot of check to see if things are moving as per plans. A new idea popping up. The late night rush to the laptop to ensure it does not get lost in the din of extra-curricular noises made by real life. Catching up with the half-finished blog post started two days earlier, etc, etc.

Of course, these travails are nothing when compared to the challenges faced by a hapless blogger on the run who is trying to pursue his/her passion while juggling between work and life in general!

Oh, the inner glow and warmth of satisfaction and bliss on having composed and uploaded a piece which is endearing and intellectual. If it also tickles the funny bone, even better! Can words actually express this bliss in real? I doubt; for that to happen, we would need connectivity at a different level altogether!!

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