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When it comes to shopping for Christmas, residents of Plumsville have much wider range of choices available for their near and dear ones!

Here is a quick run down on the juicy possibilities, courtesy Plumtopia.


jeeves-and-the-yule-tide-spirit-and-other-stories-700x700-imae2rsyj7gzt7rmOnce you, or a loved one, have embarked upon the pleasures of Wodehouse, the seasonal gift giving possibilities are considerable. Likewise, a dash of Wodehouse can make the ideal gift for those poor souls of your acquaintance who have yet to read his healing prose. So here’s a timely guide to assist you (and anyone you might forward this to, as a gentle hint) with your seasonal gift-giving decisions.

Wodehouse for first timers

I often give Wodehouse books to new readers, with mixed results. The trick is to tailor your choice to what Jeeves calls ‘the psychology of the individual’. If you want to start your intended reader on the Jeeves stories, my recommendation (discussed in a previous post ) is The Inimitable Jeeves. But with the Everyman (Overlook) Library editions making Wodehouse’s lesser known works widely available, you needn’t start with Jeeves.

TheAdventuresOfSallyIf your intended recipient is…

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