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As a simple minded mango, I am surprised that so many people in India have taken offence at a recent comment where they have been referred to as “Mango People”. To all those of my countrymen who are depressed about this description of themselves, I wish to say that they could not be more wrong! Look at my achievements and traits, and you would see what I mean.

There are well-known reasons as to why I am referred to as the King of Fruits. Since times unknown, I have been serving the mankind with utmost sincerity. I have provided a sumptuous and fulfilling diet to the homo-sapiens since times unknown.  Let people just imagine me, and their taste buds start tingling.

My health benefits are well-known. Besides a heady mix of sugar, fibers and anti-oxidants, I provide a ready supply of vitamins and minerals. Admittedly, diabetics refrain from eating me. When these hapless guys see folks around them relishing me, smacking their lips and licking their fingers in gay abandon – without any pangs of guilt whatsoever, they merely twiddle their thumbs, give me a wistful look, sigh and resign themselves to their fate.  

I have a definite role towards India doing well in all the Olympic and other shooting competitions for quite some time now. Since childhood, unable to resist the temptation of enjoying my unique taste, kids start practicing by throwing well-aimed stones at me. Young ladies in particular are very fond of me, and eagerly await my blooming season to begin, so as to be able to feast on me even when I am in a raw condition.

Housewives who have to feed a bevy of hungry family members day after day convert me into delicious pickles which are lapped up with utmost glee by all members as well as guests and visitors. The ladies who are in the family way make sure they have a ready supply of mine so they might give birth to healthier and contented babies who actually look forward to being born early, so as to be able to have the unique experience of tasting me. Several movies – from Bollywood and elsewhere – have famous songs to cover this aspect of my personality.

Other than my contribution to human well-being, sports, procreation, family bonding and entertainment, I have brought laurels to India by being recognized under the Intellectual Property regime. Several of my species have won recognition by getting a Geographical Indication registered in their favor. Junagadh Kesar from Gujarat, Malihabadi Dussehri from UP, Banginapali from Andhra Pradesh, Appemidi from Karnataka and Lakshman Bhog, Himsagar and Fazli from West Bengal already enjoy this honor.

If there is someone who deserves to be awarded a Bharat Ratna for promoting regional integration and religious harmony, it is me. While lending my edibility charms to people who profess different faiths, I do not discriminate. People of all faiths, gender, nationality, caste, creed, income levels and professions relish me and attain exquisite taste bud bliss.

In South Africa, an airline is named after me. There are fashion houses selling exquisite apparel under my brand name. Not to be left behind, musicians have formed bands with my name. A TV serial named after me has been immensely successful.

Having won global recognition, I am all the more happy that I have recently won the best accolade I could think of; I have been equated with the general public of India, this great country of ours!

India has great people, possessing unique qualities. Centuries of spiritual grooming and meditative practices have left them very docile, adjusting and compromising. For any failure in life, they have a ready philosophical explanation. In the face of grave deficiencies in public services, they have learnt to suffer in silence. If asked to queue up for essential commodities and facilities, they do not revolt. Thanks to runaway inflation, they face a continuous erosion of their saving potential; they bear such challenges with a sense of detachment and fortitude. When they experience a torrent of scams tumbling out of the closets of our politicians and administrators at a frequency which could put trains of Switzerland to shame, they do not complain. Instead, they just continue with their daily struggle to eke out a living.

I am delighted that finally I too have a role – howsoever modest – in ensuring the greatness of the people of our country. This is a belated recognition that the greatness of Indians lies in their ordinariness; in current parlance, in their “mango-ness”!   For all the Indians, it is a time to rejoice!

I wish to convey a big Thank You to those who have chosen to refer to ordinary people as “Mango People”. May their tribe increase!

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