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90th birthdayA mighty leader of men, creator of institutions smart,

Demanding perfection and results, yet compassionate at heart.


Praising us in public, impeccable results you always demanded,

When we goofed up, in privacy you ensured we were reprimanded.


The inimitable spring in your stride came from the sole,

The sprightly attitude to problem solving emanated from your soul.


Oh, what a transformation you have witnessed in these 90 years,

Wars, acts of terror and news of genocides has reached your ears.


You may miss fountain pens, LP records and telegrams,

Not to forget a cell-and-internet-free placid life, noisy cars and trams.


You have witnessed a man landing on the moon, a space mission to Mars,

Time to network with the world but not connect with whom we call ours.


You have seen shrinking TV sets and shorter global hauls,

Several generations passing by, sprouting glitzy malls and highway tolls.


Time sits lightly on your mind and has certainly made you more wise,

We can still lean on your strong shoulders, despite challenges that arise.


You continue to be young at heart, in you inspiration we find, 

As always, your advice is practical, objective, frank and kind.


You are just short of ten to hit a century, surely a result of your positivity,

We all salute you, eager to learn more secrets of your longivity.

(In honor of a leading personality of the Indian Footwear Industry who turned 90 recently!)

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