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True leaders of men are always accessible to their team members, 25×7. Hide in an ivory tower and your people would hide their good ideas and also Accessibilitytheir problems from you, thereby stunting your own growth.

Follow an open door policy (especially when you work with a lady secretary!) and reap rich rewards in your career.


As a CEO, if you hire a M F Hussain to create a corporate emblem for your company, would there be any point in getting a bunch of VPs and GMs to meddle with his final work? Define a target and a budget, and let the agency have a free hand.

As a trainee, join an ad agency if you love irregular working hours, midnight escapades and hob-nobbing with the hoi polloi of creative geniuses whose king (or, queen) size egos need to be managed at all times, with client’s deadlines looming large over your work horizon. Depending on your skill set, you may gravitate towards copywriting, production, media planning or client servicing. In all cases, creativity under pressure should be the motto of your life.


A Chinese proverb says: “Pity is a sentiment that befits the lion”. If you are in a line job, aggressiveness is a must. If you are in a staff function, you can possibly afford the luxury of being docile and meek and still lead a team.


An auditor’s primary function is to provide an honest assessment of the financial health of the company. In other words, to keep the investors well informed. In the long run, investors’ ire can be incurred only at the company’s own risk and peril. A correct assessment of the company’s finances also helps the operating managers to take corrective steps before it is too late.

Treat an auditor like an insider, share business plans with him in advance, and reap rich dividends in the long run.

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