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I am a management guy by profession and a romantic at heart. Creative juices often slosh about in whatever little grey cells I have. These manifest themselves in many ways – creating movies on topics of family interest, articulating thoughts which pop up on sunny days, mostly in the form of prose, occasionally by way of crude attempts at poetic compositions. Call me a wordsmith, if you will. Two maladies I am known to suffer from are – Professor-itis and Wodehous-itis. If the realms of management, spirituality, movies, wellness and a bemused look at some of the serious aspects of life interest you, you may find it worth your while to see the world through my subjective eyes. And yes, be prepared for a dash of patriotic fervor as well. My current abode is just off the Bay of Bengal, at Pondicherry, in India. Curious to know more? Try looking up this blog post: https://ashokbhatia.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/about-me. Pip, pip!

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