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An annual get together where families also get invited is a good idea to make people feel the humane side of the organization.

Plan entertainment of all kinds, primarily focused on kids and see how much the parents love their day (or evening) out. Ensure that spouses hog the limelight – it is they who support the company’s operations in a silent but effective manner.


Use them to your utmost advantage. If one of your colleagues is close to the top boss and you have been bypassed in the recent spate of promotions, share your concerns with him in a casual setting. You can be sure your message reaches the right quarters without much transmission loss.

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For an organization, it is necessary to weed out the deadwood from time to time, and keep itself trim and fit. For an individual, the signs of prosperity and/or frustration can be done away with by undertaking an exercise regimen.


It always pays to have a credit balance in your inter-personal relationships, especially with those who are critical for your area of work.

After receiving a favor, be sure to acknowledge it gracefully. That way, you build up on your inventory of credit balance.


Having qualms about reporting to the fairer sex? Take it easy. They are far more professional (and also compassionate) than you imagine. Multi-tasking comes easy to them, what with their having to juggle various roles with aplomb at all times; being a daughter, a wife, a mother, a home maker, a daughter-in-law and a company executive at the same time, and still managing to retain sanity of mind is no mean task, after all.

Nature also gave them the exclusive rights for the perpetuation of our species. Encourage those who wish to re-start their careers after a three year post delivery sabbatical.

However, beware of the Cleopatra who flaunts her assets, flashes her kohl lined eyelids and charms you into making biased and partisan decisions.


If you have made a mistake, be the first one to run across to the affected person and file a First Information Report. For all you know, a solution may emerge. In any case, it is better than the aggrieved person coming to know of it from another source and forming a wrong opinion and pre-judging the issue.


Do not allow it to die down, ever. Be open to accept fresh challenges. Take up new assignments as and when they come your way. Keep sharpening your saw, as Stephen R Covey had said.

The only fire in the belly to be avoided is the one generated by ulcers and cysts; live a stress free life and avoid a contingency of that nature.

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