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When the mind is at rest,

Birds are chirping in the thicket abreast,

A gentle breeze is caressing the mortal frame,

Soft sunshine is making one’s surroundings aflame,

The gentle murmur of the sea nearby

Reaches one’s ears a trifle hesitatingly,

A flask of steaming hot tea is by one’s side,

One’s favourite newspaper is beside,

With one’s better half sitting quietly next,

Inner tranquility prevails whatever the pretext,

One knows that God is truly in heaven,

Caring for you and yours!


When one drives to work in quietitude and leisure,

Hearing some soothing music, deriving pleasure,

Landing up on one’s office desk with a few minutes to spare,

Working with the steadfastness of a tortoise

And the agility of a hare,  

Sharing a laugh with someone here,

Conveying discomfort to the other there,

Ensuring not getting the inner core ruffled up

Just because of some dude being curt or rude

Or being downright insensitive and unreasonable,

And leaving for home without any emotional baggage,

One knows that God is truly in heaven,

And caring for you and yours!


Nincompoops rushing into action

At the press of a button,

Tending to pre-judge issues and people,

Feeling stressed up and compelled to react instantly;

As trigger-happy as one may tend to be,

Mixing up criticality with urgency,

Rushing into speaking without thinking,

Missing the woods for the trees,

Often getting into trouble,

And hastily concluding that  

God does not care!


Procrastination is a virtue,

Where one saves energy – it is true,

Only to spend it more efficiently later,

Sleeping over a problem and shutting an overnight door

Till the time the answer comes from one’s divine core,

Apparently wasting time to brood over a problem,

When a solution automatically pops up in one’s conscious mind,

Buying time in one’s quest for perfection,

Lot of merit in snoozing amidst life’s mundane humdrum,

Oh, the virtues of being a lazy bum!!

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